Fitting Luxury Leather Car Seat Covers

Sol-Ace Window Tinting Ltd specialise fitting leather seat covers and their Top Five Pointers for ensuring quality leather seat cover fitting are:

1) Tight fitting seat covers - Poor fitting leads to baggy seat covers. This not only looks bad, and creases, but these creases can become uncomfortable and crack under heat.

Leather seat with crease

This image shows a crease in the seat. If this crease is not smoothed out, it can lead to cracking and expensive repairs.
Correct fitting will remove this crease. Sol-Ace specialise in correctly fitting Leather Seat covers.

properly fitted leather seat cover

This image shows a properly stretched and fitted leather seat. The leather used here is well fitted with the stitches lined up straight and will provide years of luxurious comfort.

2) Quality of leather - Look for the feel of thick, supple, full grained leather, and the smell. Remember that cheap dyed Colours can wash out causing not only issues with looks but clothes as well. Leather seats are available in many colours in smooth grained or perforated leather. For an interesting article on leather click here.

perforated black leather seat

This image shows a perforated black leather seat. It is possible to get perforated and smooth grained leather seats many colours, the most popular being gray, black and beige.

leather door trimmings

It is not only the seats that can be covered with leather. The image on the left demonstrates how the door trimmings can be given that luxurious leather touch as well.

3) Stitching - The stitching needs to be straight. If there is uneven pressure on the stitching, the leather can move on the seat. This can lead to split stitching.

correctly aligned stitches

This image shows a properly stretched and fitted leather seat. The leather used here is well fitted with the stitches lined up straight and will provide years of luxurious comfort.
Looking at the front right edge of the seat shows well lined up even stitching.

4) Seat re-connected correctly for safety - Look at the seat belt mountings.

removed seat from car for correct fitting

In order to fit leather seat covers correctly, it is necessary to remove the seats from the vehicle.

refitting seats that have been leather covered

The seat must be re-inserted correctly with special attention paid not only to fixing the seat but to the seat belt mountings as well.
This image shows the rear seats in a Toyota Prius that have been re-upholstered with leather seat covers

5) Head rest tight snug fit - Inside out, upside down zip, providing a neat finish.

leather seat head rest

The use of an upside down, inside out zip allows the fitting of a leather head rest to be snug and neat

smart leather head rests

Head rests are important to the look of the car and care must be taken to ensure that the leather headrests look smart and tidy.

So, as a summary, putting quality leather seats into a car can add added luxury but it is a skilled job that needs to be done by an experienced practitioner. However, it is worth it!!

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